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Please forward a copy of License and Insurance to [email protected] when submitting access request for contractors. You can also input the information below and we will check.
Thank you! You will receive your confirmation number within 24-48 hours.

Please provide the following information when making a reservation or allowing access:

Name of guest/guests

How many guests in their party in total

Contact info of guest/guests - include cell phone #

Unit # 

Date of Arrival

Date of Departure

Owners Cell #, email address and mailing address

Please notify all guests that there will be a $30 registration fee at the front desk to provide keys and reactivate them for the length of stay. Any envelopes/packages held in condo office for pickup for anyone whom is not the owner, requires the following Association fees:

$5.00 for envelopes & small packages to be paid by guest upon pickup

$10.00 for large packages to be paid by guest upon pickup

Guest parking at the Hollywood Beach Garage: $22 per night from Mon-Sun and $165 per month (paid to garage)

Please notify anyone allowed access for service/repairs that they must provide plans, license and insurance information to the association office located in the first floor lobby suite 8, 1 week prior to entering the unit and must sign in and out for any work being done in the unit.

No work to be done in units before 9am or after 5pm and all vendors must use service elevator.

You will receive a confirmation number within 24-48 hours.